Product Roadmap

Our product is still growing and evolving, and we want our customers and users to have a say in what features we work on next, as well as when they can expect certain features to be live.

If you have features that you would like to see implemented that aren’t on this list, feel free to contact us directly.

1 - Public API (Q1 2020)

Our focus towards the end of this year and early next year will be creating a robust public API that can be used by our users. Currently, no such API exists.

We realize that many companies have internal automation based on APIs, and public APIs are a staple of any modern product. As such, we plan on developing a REST API that allows users to interface will all aspects of Storehouse.

2 - Improved Discussions (Q2 2020)

We want to improve the discussion platform built into Storehouse to enable projects to streamline discussions, prevent abuse and spam, and create new ways for users to interact with the project.

We plan on creating a more unified interface that allows merging and other key discussion tasks to take place exclusively on the website rather than requiring manual intervention each time.

3 - Continuous Integration (Q3 2020)

We know that applications need sometimes complex build processes to ensure that they are fully vetted and ready for production use. One of the original goals with Storehouse was to create a system that combined the project storage and build functions into a single service.

We attempted this using a series of fractured set of features that was incomplete to say the best. Our new system we have planned will be much more flexible and allow for complex jobs to be executed reliably.